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course for medical interview

Instead, the investigation found, there are many instances when only one firefighter or EMT is on duty at the fire department. Data included in the report show that only one EMT responded in 33 of 88 incidents the fire department dealt with between Jan. 1 2015, and May 12, 2016. The number of EMTs who responded is unknown in another 23 events, according to the audit. Because of the short staffing, the report states, Witnesses said EMTs have been forced during medical emergencies to request assistance from (SCC) staff who are not trained in first aid or the operation of emergency vehicles. Strong submitted an ambulance license renewal to the state health department in November 2014 and signed a document certifying the fire department had sufficient staffing to qualify for licensing. discover thisHowever, the application itself disclosed there was insufficient staffing to always meet the requirement. In cases when only one EMT was on duty, the application stated, the EMT drove the ambulance and left the patient in the back with staff members without medical training. The health department approved the license renewal despite the shortcomings, spokesman David Johnson wrote in an email. Its important to remember that McNeil Island is in a unique geographic location, Johnson wrote. a knockout postBecause long transportation times would be exacerbated if first responders had to come from the mainland, the health department approved the license renewal, Johnson wrote.

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